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Bridging the future with Next.js, Remix, Nuxt, Angular, React.js, TypeScript, Qwik, Astro, and beyond!

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The best tech conference for JavaScript enthusiasts

The speaker is preparing for a lecture with laptop on his lap

Welcome to the Kongres.js Conference! This conference is for developers who are interested in programming languages, web development, and TypeScript. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, join us to learn, share knowledge, and network with like-minded individuals. Come be a part of our community and enhance your skills in the world of software development!

Kitze, our speaker during the lecture
Networking with other developers at conference
View of the 2024 conference venue - Luna cinema, from the street side



Full length talks

Enhance your skills


Passionate developers

Share your experience



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We are Senior Fullstack Developers with a passion for sharing knowledge. Thousands of programmers have benefited from the courses, trainings, and conferences organized by us.

  • Michał Miszczyszyn portrait photo

    Michał Miszczyszyn

    Senior Fullstack Developer

    Tech Lead / Teacher / Entrepreneur / Blogger / Activist / Speaker / He, him

    Author and publisher of a bestselling book TypeScript na poważnie.

    Author of Type of Web: one of the most popular programming blogs in Poland.

    Maintainer of; Founder of

    Organizer of local meet.js meetups and a few editions of the meet.js Summit conference with 500+ attendees each.

    Loves types, functional languages, pair programming, and sharing ideas.

    Specialities: TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Angular, NodeJS, REST API, SQL, Rust.

  • Aleksandra Sikora portrait photo

    Aleksandra Sikora

    Senior Fullstack Developer

    Open Source @TheGuildDev / TypeScript, React, Databases / She, her

    Aleksandra is an open-source developer at The Guild, based in Wrocław, Poland.

    Previously a tech lead for the Hasura Console and a lead maintainer of Blitz.js. Deeply passionate about open-source, TypeScript and dedicated to staying up to date with the JavaScript ecosystem.

    Speaker at various international conferences all around the world.

    Co-organiser of TypeScript meetups @wroctypescript

    Blogger at

    Specialities: TypeScript, Functional Programming and Olang.

  • Jakub Neander portrait photo

    Jakub Neander

    Senior Fullstack Developer

    Software Engineer / Entrepreneur / Teacher / Blogger / Speaker / He, him

    I help companies & brands build great software products.

    I'm experienced in banking, AI, e-commerce: implementing and coordinating various IT projects,

    Passionate about programming. Interested in modern programming languages. Expertise in TypeScript/JavaScript, Java, Python, Clojure, Ruby.

    I'm rather known by my nickname: zaiste

    Specialties: Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering